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{"45520":"Healing Our Wounds: The Gift of Loving Relationships","45406":"3 Types of Boundaries Empaths Need to Stay Centered in Today\u2019s World","45072":"Transformational Telepathy\u2122 - Evolve Your Relationships ","45152":"Radical Self Love for Empaths and Sensitives ","45026":"Love is All Around: Tap Into Self-Love, Unconditional Love, Universal Love","45009":"Your Rainforest Mind: Why the World Needs Sensitive People","45154":"Rituals to Strengthen Your Intuitive Channels","45404":"Parasympathetic Pause","45050":"Centering & Replenishment Techniques for Empaths","45518":"Canary In A Coal Mine - The Neuroscience Of Sensitivity And Trauma","45094":"Healing Trauma and Autoimmune Disease using Eastern and Western Medicine","45511":"Brain Power - 3 Ways To Ease Your Anxiety","45332":"The No Nonsense HSP","45522":"Dialogue","44958":"Simple Self Care for Sensitive Souls","45201":"Mastering Your Empathic Abilities","45223":"Reparenting your Inner (Highly Sensitive) Child","45073":"Highly Sensitive Men: Awakening the Intuitive, Creative, and Empathetic ","45200":"Betrayal and the Empath - The Perfect Storm","45521":"The Impacts of Hormone Imbalance to your Physiology","45397":"Cultivating Intuition Through Meditation","45398":"Healing Our Attachment Trauma: Overcoming Self-Sabotage by Mastering Our Nervous System","45461":"Sacred Container for Healing","44990":"What if Empaths Ran the World? Stepping Into Leadership","45171":"Dreamwork: How Dreams Connect Sensitives to Our Intuition","45519":"Removing Blocks to Developing Empathy, Sensitivity and Intuition with Advanced Integrative Therapy","45137":"The Wealthy Lightworker","45307":"Beam Me Up! Being Empathic in a Physical World","45087":"Helping Highly Sensitive Children Thrive","45301":"Wired For Resilience: The Untapped Gifts Of Sensitivity","45523":"Stages of HSP Cultural Awareness and Acceptance: From Denial to Priestly Advisor","45034":"The Intersection of Intuition and Trauma","45303":"Psychoneuroimmunology - How the Mind and Body Talk to Each Other","45309":"Healing from Familial Trauma and Common HSP Wounds","45392":"HighSpeed Healing\u2122 - Eliminate Energy Drain, Strengthen Boundaries & Stay in Your Power! ","45476":"Do More By Doing Less"}
{"45520":"Dr. Harville Hendrix & Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt","45406":"Wendy De Rosa","45072":"Dr. Karen Kan","45152":"Michael R. Smith, PhD","45026":"Dr. Christine Page","45009":"Paula Prober","45154":"Dr. Divi Chandna","45404":"Jodi Cohen","45050":"Judith Orloff, MD","45518":"Dr. Natasha Fallahi","45094":"Dr. Keesha Ewers","45511":"Dr. Titus Chiu","45332":"Barbara Allen","45522":"Dr. Mario Martinez","44958":"Julie Bjelland, LMFT","45201":"Matt Kahn","45223":"Melissa Schwartz","45073":"Dr. Tracy Cooper","45200":"Dr. Debi Silber","45521":"Afrouz Demeri","45397":"David Gandelman","45398":"Mark Tanaka","45461":"Dave Markowitz","44990":"Bevin Niemann","45171":"Ritu Kaushal ","45519":"Asha Clinton, MSW, PhD","45137":"Karyn Kulenovic","45307":"Litany Burns","45087":"Maureen Healy","45301":"Alane Freund, LMFT","45523":"Jacquelyn Strickland","45034":"Dr. Meg Haworth","45303":"Sean Merrick, MA, AMFT","45309":"Imi Lo","45392":"Debora Wayne","45476":"Brandon Bennett"}


The Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit is a 5-day event taking place November 15–19 online and on the phone.

Thousands of people like you from around the globe are gathering together to discover transformational strategies and practical methods that promise to help you turn your sensitivity into your superpower — with science-backed techniques and easy-to-implement tools, tips, and practices that will help you protect your energy, hone your gift, and redesign your life so you can thrive.

Some of today's leading experts, doctors, luminaries, and teachers in the continually emerging fields of HSP, intuitive energy, and empathic power will share their profound wisdom so you can move past overwhelm, experience more freedom, fortify your resilience, and receive the love you deserve as a conscious, masterful person of sensitivity and light.

They’ll illuminate your path to discover the brilliance and purpose within your gifts, so you can begin to share them with the world and become a powerful force for good who can help shift the way we understand the gifts of sensitivity, empathy, and intuition… and raise the collective consciousness to pave the way for greater peace, equality, and more loving ways to navigate and heal our planet.

You’ll also discover effective ways to help those you love explore their sensitive nature… and apply safe, proven methods to smooth the way as they navigate the world around them. And you’ll learn fresh ways to practice self-care so you can rise to your full potential and fulfill your own highest mission and purpose.

We hope you enjoy this unique summit!

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