Program & Replays

The live summit is over. However, you can still get the recordings and transcripts of all the summit sessions. Upgrade to receive unlimited access to the inspiration, resources, and powerful practices presented by the experts featured in the Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit series.

Thousands of people like you from around the globe are discovering how to turn their sensitivities into their superpowers

… with science-backed techniques and easy-to-implement tools, tips, and practices you can use to set energetic boundaries, strengthen your intuition, and stand in your own wisdom and power. 

Leading experts, doctors, luminaries, and teachers in the emerging fields of HSP (highly sensitive person), intuitive energy, and empathic power will share their profound wisdom — to help you move past anxiety, depression, mental imbalances, and sleep dysregulation into a heightened state of ease and flow.

Their expert guidance can help you experience more freedom, increased energy, and resilience against outside energetic forces. You’ll also discover how you can use powerful self-regulation practices to heal attachment traumas, and experience calm, healthy self-centeredness and empowerment.

With these practical tools you’ll learn to handle, not absorb, other people's energy and pain — allowing you to show up as a true empathic healer. And you’ll learn fresh ways to practice self-care so you can rise to your full potential and fulfill your own highest mission and purpose.

Enjoy this special series!